Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to My Daily Benefits.  This Privacy Policy is in place to allow you (the consumer) the visitor, know and understand what information is collected while you are visiting the blog My Daily Benefits.  You will also find information on the ways in which the collected information is used.  My Daily Benefits does not buy, sell, or trade the information of our visitors.  All information collected is used to improve the quality and content of this website.  It is also used to promote special interests and marketing materials we feel you could benefit from.

Statistical Information

When you visit this blog (, a few stats are collected by the server.  Where you are visiting from in the world, which pages you are visiting on this blog, and the source of how you got here (Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).  Stats are also collected on which browser (chrome, safari, internet explorer, etc.) you are visiting from along with your operating system, (iphone, windows, mac, etc.).  The visitor statistic information does not include your name, email address or any other personal information regarding you, personally.

Direct Email

When a visitor directly emails My Daily Benefits, we collect their name, email address, any contact information listed and the original message.  This information is used to respond to you in a timely manner.  Unless otherwise noted, this information is stored in our contacts database, in the event that we need to speak to you further or contact you regarding a promotion or special interest we believe you would benefit from and enjoy.

Email Subscriptions

When subscribing to our post update email list, you are asked to enter your email address (if you are not a WordPress user).  Once you have submitted your information, it is stored in our subscriber list through WordPress, which allows you to be selected to receive the weekly email from us.  They are not bound or governed by this privacy policy.  You are not bound by anything to continue receiving the emails from My Daily Benefits.  An Unsubscribe button is located at the bottom of any materials that we send to you.  When and if you choose to unsubscribe to our emails, your information is removed from the system.

When you sign up, you will receive a confirmation email like this one:

Comments / Responses

When leaving comments on My Daily Benefits posts and pages, information is collected differently depending on how you choose to be acknowledged by leaving your comment.  Should you choose to leave your comment anonymously, the only information retained is the comment itself.  If you are signed into Google, you may choose to leave your comment using your Google+ account.  This will record your name, any profile picture that you have posted along with your comment.  When selecting this option, a link to your Google+ profile is created.  There are six other options for how you are registered when leaving a comment.  When these are chosen, you are prompted to enter information such as your name, url and/or user ID (never the password) to these services.  These services include:  LiveJoural, WordPress, Typepad, AIM, OpenID, and Name/URL.  By selecting any of the listed services, the information you enter will be recorded along with your comment.

Cookies and Your Privacy

What is a cookie?  A cookie is described as a message sent from a web browser to a web server.  A cookie’s purpose is to identify visitors and provide them with customized user specific pages.  They are also used to store site login information for you.  When you visit a website, and are asked to provide personal information, such as your name, email address and interests, this information is formed into a cookie and sent to your web browser, which stores it for later use.  Upon visiting the same website again, your browser sends the cookie to the server, to bring to memory your user-specific content.  Web servers do not have “memory,” so when you are getting user-specific content, a cookie has been placed on your computer’s hard disk, so the web site can remember who you are and your preferences.

If you are concerned about cookies and your privacy, you can block or disable cookies from being used on your computer.  You can block or disable cookies on a site to site basis (recommended), as well as blocking or disabling cookies from all sites at one time.  It is not recommended to block or disable all cookies, as this can cause an interference with some web sites altogether.  Check your computer’s browser documentation for instructions on how to block or disable cookies.

Affiliate Links

On occasion, we will place affiliate links on this web site.  These links are designed to advertise a product and/or service to the readers.  When a visitor clicks on an affiliate link and makes a purchase, I receive compensation (commission, points, discounts, gift cards, etc) from the company at no additional costs to you.  My Daily Benefits is given a specific link code to use on affiliate links.  Visiting a web site through an affiliate link, places our “specific link code” into the URL.  This alerts the web site that you are visiting their page from a link found on our site.  Affiliate link companies are not provided with any personal information regarding you as a consumer from My Daily Benefits, and are not governed by this privacy policy.  If you have a concern about your privacy, while visiting an affiliate link company, you should read their privacy policy as well.  A disclosure statement will be listed on any pages, posts, or information areas containing affiliate links.  My Daily Benefits or its owner, cannot be held responsible for what happens to your information when you are visiting a company, brand or any website from this page.

Disclosure of Your Information

We do not buy, sell or trade visitor information with any companies, sites, or services.  Your information is used to contact you regarding promotions, marketing, and other areas of interests we think you might benefit from and enjoy.  Again, the information collected is done so to provide you with a better visiting experience.  However, this information is disclosed when legally required to do so at the request of governmental authorities who are conducting an investigation.

Upon request, we provide visitors with access to the communications that they have directed to our site (emails, direct messages, and inquiries).  You can gain access to this information by emailing the address listed below.

Updates and Changes

At times, we may use collected information in ways that are new or unanticipated.  When and if, we use information in ways that are not described in this privacy policy, it will be updated and noted on the web site that our Privacy Policy has Changed.  By periodically checking the Privacy Policy enforced at My Daily Benefits, will ensure that you know what information is collected and how it is being used.

You may prevent your information from being used for any other purpose than those listed in this privacy statement by emailing us at the address listed below.

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Updated 11/10/2020